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We are your local C8 Corvette specialist!

Are you looking for someone to help modify, protect, or personalize your C8 but don't know who to trust? The search stops here!

Since its release we have been passionately learning about the new generation of Corvette. Our customers have entrusted us to help make their C8 stand out from the rest. 


We have helped many C8 drivers protect their investments utilizing STEK paint protection film. From just covering the wide door jambs to protect from dragging feet to complete coverage of all painted surfaces, we have done it all. We have already seen paint saved by PPF on various C8s. It is the ultimate way to make sure your investment continues to look its best for years to come regardless of use.


While the new Corvette is an amazing piece of machinery, there is still room for performance gains and personalization. 


We have installed multiple different brands of exhaust systems on the C8, from headers, high-flow catalytic converters to the full cat-back system. We can help you decide which manufacturer will meet your desires before purchasing. Why us and not an average mechanic? Step 1 of any exhaust modification to a C8 is removing body panels and the trunk liner. Who better to tackle such a delicate task than a shop that specializes in making vehicles look their best. We will care for your C8 like it is our own. ​​

Along with exhaust modifications, we have also addressed the intake side with cold air intake kits. 



The C8 came with striking looks BUT there are many ways to take it even further. There are many options out there from OEM to aftermarket to make your C8 even more aggressive. We have installed high wings, front lips/splitters, emblems, side skirts, stripes and roof wrap.

We also have experience with lowering the C8. For axle lift cars we have installed the Cicio Performance front collar kit that drops the nose 1.5in. We also keep the special tools on hand to drop the rear on all cars and the front on non-axle lift equipped cars. 

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